Whatever you’re doing
i hope you’re fine
Whatever you’re drinking
I hope it tastes like your favourite wine
Glimmer and shine
So cold the weather
it feels like a prolonged demise
A widow’s mouth tells tales to the newlyweds
The hawk has its eyes on the rose strewn bed
I am down and up
So much effort to hold my parted lips shut
News carries the unreliable word of mouth to the ears who don’t know better
If I was dead
I bet your new shirt would fit you better
Aching hearts find the broken ones so easily
Clinging on to them oh so greedily
Even if I was singing your favourite song
It would make your ears feel like a burning fire tong
But if I stopped singing and all the bells I planted stopped ringing
I know you will regret your defiance
I know you will dread the silence

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