Rain on my Grave

Let it rain
Another day is setting and here in box of my existence I stay.
And by box I mean a coffin a coffin of soil and a name plate… Maybe I mean to say a grave. So I stay in it and stare at the sad sky and wail, let it rain
Let it rain.
Rain on my walking grave
Let it pour down on my soil and wash away all my pain. By my grave I mean my undead body by soil I mean my soul.
One night of peaceful sleep is all I ask for, a night where my pillow has no tear stains. No blood in my mouth no sweat on my forehead.
So Let it rain and wash away all the dream drains.
These clouds look so sad today.
The weather looks depressing like it just had a heartbreak and like it’s listening to a Bruno Mars song or ed Sheeran.
Cloudy without the rains is like making cupcakes without sugar.
And the term sweet is used in vain for life just like the words love n hate, together and forever, sorry and thank you, pride and shame, right and wrong, wild and tame, lght and dark, her and him, straight and gay, hard or soft, she or they, bBlack and white, different and same.
Let it rain hard on my window pane, let the drops beat down rhythms so loud that they block all the noises from the world.
When I say world, I mean my world. When I say my world I mean my brain. So let the drums beat and saxophone sing sounds and let it all play the songs I want to hear. Songs of you and me, songs of me and me, the songs of curses and bruises and lovers and strangers and oppressors and abusers and survivors and killers and kissers and goodbyes and promises and sins and vows, vows and names.
So let it rain, because whenever I try to lay down and sleep the brain just doesn’t go quite for a while even at the night, It’s okay to not go quite until I m dead, when I am alive it can talk and whisper I just don’t want it to be so noisy for once. So let the thunder roll and the clouds rumble and let the lightning shine and let it flood in my eyes but tonight just let it rain.
Rain on my eyes

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