Rainy Night

Seems like it rained outside
Feels like somebody cried
Their sorrow fell upon the world
Crying for help as hope died.

Feels like it’s cold outside
Seems like there is no light
This curtain of despair suffocates
Feels like we’re too weak to fight.

How long will this winter last?
Days of freedom seem long past
Suddenly we’re told we can’t speak, think or breathe
We fear the shadow we cast.

You and me, we all cried tonight
We lamented the loss of our fight
We grieved our descent into the night
We grieved for the loss of our sight.

In the deepest of pits, we find life
In the bleakest of moments, we feel love
Darkness all encompassing, is breached by a light
A fragile candle that burns itself for the world.

Life is love and love is life
Happiness and laughter help us stay alive
And we fight, we fight!
We fight for our lives that was swept aside.

We fight the darkest hours until the dawn
We resolve to stay alive until the morn
A better world awaits us beyond the horizon
A world which has to be fought for and won.

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