Rani KoHEnoor

Every time my over-worked self looked at the walls of my bedroom, it found the soul confined in its cocoon at a corner since ages. The particular corner has craved for its share of footfalls, sadly there were not too many. The coral blue walls have cried a lot, but the hot pink shade was a distant dream for them. The cupboard has been stuffed with Pokemon accessories since childhood, and the barbie dolls hid themselves in an incognito window of Google Chrome. My genes were quite fundamental, the alignment was accidental but the shrewd stares were totally judgmental. The soul wanted to break away from the manacles and breathe profusely, to dive into the unmapped depths of the ocean, to feel the blissful ninth cloud with exalted angels around, to wander around in the forsaken lanes of this city holding hands, and to feel someone’s deep breath on those thin scuffed lips.
One fine day, the imprisoned soul found someone as lonely and downhearted as him across the street. A window to the outer world in that dejected corner of the room proved to be a blessing in disguise. I used to stare at him for hours but could not muster enough courage to profess my love for him. Yes, it was a “him” for me. I wished to run away with him into an imaginative “Wakanda” of my own, where Spring would be perennial and the painful separations would be ephemeral. But the morning apprehensions and inherent inhibitions kept on mushrooming within my mind. Days and years passed, but nothing changed for me.
It was around three in the afternoon, when my mom knocked on the door and shouted, “Hey, your phone was unreachable. So, your wife has called on the landline from her infertility clinic. Congratulations, you two are pregnant. Call her soon idiot, she wants to talk to you….” The hands reached for the phone, the sensory receptors were in shock but I called her up driving my anxiety away. The walls, the window, the cupboard, the corner in my room, and my soulmate across the street everything was the same in all these years but the soul laden with flesh, bones and blood died a silent death within its cocoon many a years ago…

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