Is it light? Is it Dark?
Does the colour symbolise love, or does it stand for blood and war?

I have always associated it with love, and so I looked for the colour red in different languages.

The Afrikaans call it ‘Rooi.’ in Hindi it means cotton. Maybe it is that, Love is soft and comfortable.

The Arabic call it ‘Ahhmar’ it sounds like ‘Amar’ which means eternal. It’s observed that love is eternal.

In Chinook they call it ‘Pil’ it sounds like Pill and indeed love is an addictive substance.

In Balinese it’s called ‘Jennga.’ I laughed because it’s true, one wrong move in love and it all comes tumbling down.

The Dutch call it ‘Rood’ and the Germans ‘Rot’
It seems fair, love tends to destroy things and people.

In Hebrew it’s called ‘Adom’ much like Adam the first man. If the tale is true, love was the Inspiration for God to create us.

In Miskito they call it ‘Pauni’ in Marathi ‘Pauni’ means guest. In my culture we do treat guests with a lot of love, we give them the best and shower them with affection and kindness.

The Peshto call it ‘Sur’ how strange ‘sur’ also means melody in hindi. I’ll be damned because I know, love has been the Inspiration for many melodies.

The Luxembourgish call Red ‘Rout’ I wonder if ‘rout’ is for riot? I have felt love Riot my emotions and made me do things, I wouldn’t do under ordinary circumstances.

The Shipibo call it ‘Hosin’ which sounds to me like ‘husn’ a word used to describe beauty. Love is beautiful, it’s the most complex among all emotions.

In Breton it’s called ‘Ruz’ I think it stands for rose.
The Italians call it ‘Rosso’ a rose to explain love.

From my eyes if you see the colour Red in different languages, in one way or another they define love.

Or maybe it’s the power of love, you can link it to anything and watch it’s miracle. Love makes everything beautiful.

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