Resonating Contrasts

I let you turn into my universe,
Only to realize that I was nothing more than a small city for you.
A city whose cobbled streets & narrow lanes;
Spilt out of your memory like your fingers slipped out of mine.
You were after tall glass skyscrapers & gold paved roads,
Small town never caught your eyes.
You wanted stain robes and coats of velvet and velour seats.
While I only had faded denim and soft plain cotton to offer.
You were after maroon stained lips and kohl outlined eyes.
While I only had chapped red lips and fractured skin and flames of love to trade.
I was a miner,
A miner afraid of fisting diamond to dust,
Afraid of destruction,
Afraid of no chances to reflect.
A miner, afraid of you, searching and digging for you somewhere.

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