Things hadn’t been going well for me, for quite some time now. We had fights, we tried to get things through, but she finally moved on. She settled down elsewhere quite fast. I was angry, depressed. It affected my work. I regularly lost control over trivial matters. I started taking stuff that I usually confiscated as illegal. Until finally, my friend had to suggest it.
So here I stood, in front of this lavish mansion, still trying to understand, what kind of person would live in such a big place all alone.
“For some Counsellor, you look pretty lonely to me.”
“I would take that as a compliment, Thank You.”
I turned around, shocked. “Hi, I am guessing you are Kelvin. We talked on the phone this afternoon. Nice to meet you.” The overly friendly voice of the middle-aged man graced me. He appeared unfazed by the comment I had passed, but I couldn’t overlook it myself.
“I am sorry for the comment earlier, I didn’t know you were around.”
“Oh, it’s alright. I will let it slide as a ‘Note to Self.” He smiled a warm cheek-to-cheek smile. “Being friendly is my profession, I can’t take comments to heart.”
I nodded. “Let’s make ourselves comfortable at the couch.” I followed behind him, still curious. The house was painted in plain colors and scantly furnished. ‘Only what is required’, I thought.
“Would you like a cup of tea?”
“Surely, Thank You.”
“Why not wait for me here as I prepare the tea. You may also take a tour of the house if you wish to.”
“Thank You.”
He left me waiting in the living room. I sat on the couch, not in the mood of checking an unknown surrounding. It was comfortable, more comfortable than the ones I had back home. ‘Probably, she would have liked one of these’, my thoughts reeled back to the “halcyon days” and before long my eyes closed.
I shook out of sleep, thinking as if hours had passed. I saw the man sitting facing me, reading a book. He looked up a few moments later. “Tough day?” his voice was as friendly as ever.
“How long has it been? You could have woken me up.”
“You looked pretty tired. It hasn’t been long, but I hope you were able to catch up on that sleep you have been missing.”
An hour had already passed. I still had some sleep in my eyes, but the aroma of the tea that filled the room woke me up.
“A little late for a Tea, but I hope it helps.”
“It’s alright, I have never said no to one.”
“Oh, that’s common then.”
We sipped through our tea in silence. Him watching me intently, as if waiting for me to begin.
“Not going to ask anything?”
“Well, what can I ask? It is for you to speak. Speak and let go.”
I sighed. What could I say? Could I say, how I felt to a stranger? I didn’t know.
“You have to start if you want it to be over.”
I stayed silent.
On the very first day of my session, I couldn’t talk. He refused to take the fee for the day, claiming it to be a demo session. He saw me off asking me to come back in a couple of days. I accepted the appointment and left.

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