Revamped prayer songs

Maladies are fallacies
of overpaid fantasies.
Roadkill manatees.
Long dead pansies.
Painful, shameful, lameful, damn fool.
No takesies-backsies.

Of bygones with pile-ons.
Of pseudo piece de resistance.
All day futons.
Wall ‘banging’ ‘dead’-ons.
Breaking, shaking, lackey-ing, lacking.
Intracranial war-torns.

Persistence sans existence.
Through scathing resistance.
Of Pinings for dalliance.
Penny worthless valiance.
Nitty gritty, critty, shitty.
Leaning towards malignance

A pure, hallowed death.
Swanky wine-y breath. .
To dance in the scathe.
The Dark corners faith.
Tire, wire, flyer or pyre.
“I’m in ‘perfect’ health.”

“Excuse moi, do you need help?”
Tap, tap, tap, slap.
A man is dying.
Silence is too much.
Too much is crying.
“I do not. But do you?”
To the US of A. Love Peru.
From the center of a pyre.
It seems inevitable.
But hearts so cold.
So indomitable (I think.)
Blink. You’re the sun.
Blink, blink. Not so fun.
Run run, run.
From yourself.
To yourself.
Through yourself.
Throw yourself.
Too much self?
Love of lazy lord
I’m done.

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