Let’s close our eyes,
Pretend the stars aligned,
That it’s a clear sky,
The dark was a shadow of light.

Can we undo this moment,
Sew up a reality of lie?
Memories unmade,
And words unsaid.

What if time is undone?
Hurting you, not me?
Will you be upset and judge?
Or will you understand?

Let’s call it hope;
For now and for you.
A hope that’s poison,
Sweet and potent,
A lie that likes being consumed;
The lie called time.

Sweetness linger now,
Around me than anywhere.
Am I consuming the poison?
Was I being lied to?
Or was I the lie?

To know means to wake up,
And see what’s hidden,
In the shadows and in the light.
But can I take it?
Or will I break?

And I heard it:
Just don’t open those eyes,
Not Yet.

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