Right Answers to the wrong questions

Where does a question go when it’s unanswered?
Where does an idea go when its ignored?
Have you been searching for answers too?
Ive been wondering , i have questions few .
Am i supposed to tell you about my phase ?
Am i beginning it right ?
Or should i start this with a phrase ?
To be honest my mind isn’t at ease
I have a lot questions
Some about perceptions
About not being able to handle rejections
About those underlying connections that we ignore , to make things less complicated .
Why are people around me so agitated ?
How do they keep looking at each other and still be so seperated?
What are we supposed to tell ourselves when all that we’re fighting for , isn’t ours for the taking ?
Or is this just an appalling script in the making?
Is this all we’re doing in the world , faking?

I wish one could quickly tell me ,
Am I beginning it right or does this all sound crazy?
I miss how things were so easy back then
Why talking about life suddenly isn’t fun?
Can i ask my mind to forget about all the over thinking that it’s done ?
Should i tell my heart ‘calm down’ , it was all just for fun ?
Beg for it to stop beating on the ribs so fast ?Tell it about the moment and how it isn’t gonna last . Because things are about to change here , hold on to something firm ,there’s gonna be more fear
And one day I woke up with the answers that fit , why my story wasn’t a perfect hit .
To this I offer my first line of defence , an ambush for my imperfect pretence .
I stutter , I try and a hesitant reply
It’s weird ..Well I don’t usually cry .

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