same roots even if I bloom blue and you glow green

a few days back a band came along,
an entire family;
one sitting like a grandpa on a chair
misplaced on an asbestos roof,
lazily relaxing, feeding its mouth with some demanded fruit.
mothers and tiny ones in their makeshift houses–belly pouches
follow, resting every few steps.
brothers and bigger ones balance on their
three and a half feet long tails, walking on narrow
walls, hanging from steel fences, getting into fights and falls.
I’m the neighbour stealing glances from a window creak,
as if they care to trouble. didn’t get more than a
cursory vague look, the kid who wanted attention
under the skin.
they disappear after their silent business, together into the sunset,

in the end I see no
difference between us and the monkeys,
all different types of smarts grown but
could it really be, all we promote as progress is
perhaps spraying perfumes, unnecessary appendages grown on single cells,
when we’ll all walk back to the same simple roots.

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