Sand Clock

‘You have a year’
Is where I stopped
To listen or to hear
To what’s she’s saying,
Skeptically over again.

I didn’t know what to do
Or to say, or to think.
Sad wasn’t what I was,
Nor was I afraid.
Alone in that room,
I stood; dubious.

With the clock ticking
I felt my heart wringering,
Aching for an answer
To why was I chosen
For things
I didn’t want to be a part of,
And never for the days
when I wanted to.

I turn back into the void,
Staring at the light like an infant,
Oblivious to the world ahead.
of what will become of me,
Of the dreams I had,
Of the people I love.

The clock appears to tick away
Faster than it usually does,
With needles pointing at numbers
Not from a clock but,
At a calendar far away.

I chose not to look.
But will that change anything?
I question again
This time to myself
About the decisions I made
And the hurt I spread.

I don’t have much left
Ahead of me
And now I ask,
Was all these necessary?

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