Satisfaction; a myth or just a one-off occurence?

I am a 16-year-old teenybopper, born into an upper middle class though well-off family, in a small city with a very stereotypical background. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that DESIRE is the most basic of all human sentiments. I have witnessed miserable destitution, hand-to-mouth insufficiency, meager luxury, and perpetual opulence; all in this hometown of mine. From what I make of all these situations, there occurs not even a single moment throughout a person’s life when
they aren’t onto something; when the fire of wanting something to the ends of the Earth doesn’t burn in their heart. For as tough as wanting something can be, those who don’t know what they want, suffer the most. Then what does all this talk about how one should be content and satisfied with what they have in life really means? Life and all that it has to offer is so magnificent that how is one supposed to know if and when to stop? And even if you do stop at some point, then what is even the point to it? What are we supposed to do with the rest of our lives? Just stay still and enjoy what one has accomplished; Is that what SATISFACTION suggests? Well, maybe it doesn’t. From where I stand, it doesn’t. In my opinion, denying that a person always longs for more in their life no matter what they have is just sheer ignorance.
Therefore, The perception of the word satisfaction itself determines whether it is a myth or just a one-off occurrence. If you consider a mother’s sentiments after she holds her child in her arms for the first time, then yes, satisfaction exists. If you consider a middle-class man’s feeling when he comes home after a long day and has a meal With his family, then yes, satisfaction exists. If you consider a nyctophile’s emotions when they moon-gaze at a full moon amid the dark skies, then yes, satisfaction exists. If you consider the widest of smiles that appear on people’s faces due to the littlest of joys, then yes, satisfaction does exist. Satisfaction isn’t a state; of not wanting more, of being content, of feeling stable. We often tend to forget that rather satisfaction is a feeling; a feeling which comes and goes, sometimes stays a little longer, sometimes vanishes within a second. And while there isn’t much about
a human life that we can say with certainty, one thing is for sure; that no matter what hardships one goes through, satisfaction does come to one for there exist moments of it.

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