Scathach- A Rise

Bleeding, bleeding were these hands of mine,

Cursed, cursed to these pots and pans,

Cursed to toil day in and night,

A bitter thank you, but all that’s nigh.

Salute, salute to those soldiers,

Breaking through every tooth and bone,

Living life by the blades edge,

A shining knife through your heart and what’s left?

Break, break these stereotypes,

A toiling house wife and a brave man,

Seldom do they rise beyond,

Beyond society’s call to the worlds beyond.

Tread, tread lightly as a woman,

Feed, feed your family and friends,

A housewife is my destiny,

But these bonds shall loosen and at last free shall I become.

Free, free to pursue my passion,

Emboldened by the edge, duty and glory,

Fighting for tooth and nail,

My bleeding hands shall safeguard my land.

Purple, purple the color I adorned,

To hide these blisters and hideous scars,

Though a broken body left behind,

My rise shall be forged in steel and bronze.

Journey, journey through this darkness,

These shadowlands of monsters,

A scream resounding through the dark,

But the brave move on to the hinterland.

Shadow, shadowy creatures scurry through,

Plotting and scheming wicked thoughts,

Of lives lost and homes destroyed,

Hear ye monsters! For I have come.

Tonight, tonight I make a solemn promise,

These blistered hands of mine,

Shall protect my fellow woman and man,

Through pain and blood shall I forge ahead,

Until Scáthach is all that’s left.


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