School Life – Treasure its Pleasure!

Protected by the care and love of each parent,
Away from the worldly views and masses so abhorrent,
The child soon has to step out of his comfort zone,
When he enters the school that becomes his ‘Second Home’!

At the start, he struggles to settle in a new environment,
This struggle, with each passing day, turns into a predicament!
Clueless with teary eyes, and lost in a new zone away from home,
To his rescue, come, teachers and staff, who never make him feel alone!

Slowly and gradually he settles down in that ambience,
By making new friends, he gains happiness and confidence.
While being taught the basics, he pushes his cognitive ability,
Offering umpteen opportunities, the school focuses on his overall personality!

The tension of results and the excitement of new session,
He moves forward every year with full zeal and passion!
The fear of PTMs, the wait of summer breaks, and the fun of picnics,
All the memories are treasured in a plethora of clicks!

From bunking a few classes to eating lunch during the period,
From playing pen-fights to discussing jokes, so vivid and myriad!
From waiting for the games period, which is just once a week,
To running after the last period with faces so sleek!

From class tests to quizzes to competitions and events,
From practice sessions to stay backs to duties and seating arrangements,
From morning assembly to festival celebrations to the Annual Day event,
Every experience is rejoiced as a pleasurable moment!

From taking Sanskrit or French at the middle school classes,
From taking Hindi or Sanskrit or French at the secondary classes,
From taking Science or Commerce or Arts at the senior secondary classes,
All this urges pursuing your interest or just following the masses!

Amidst everyday hustle-bustle and schedules so rife,
The student finally reaches the last year of his school life!
He prioritizes his studies, leaving all other activities,
As the pressure to score well gets imposed by all parties!

Finally, the last day of his school life comes when he is bid farewell,
Where he has a lot of emotions to express and a lot of stories to tell!
A child who came with teary eyes walks out with eyes full of tears,
A fearful and clueless child graduates as an adult without fears!

From ABCD to poems, prose, and drama,
From 1234 to alpha, beta, and gamma!
The child learns, unlearns, and relearns a lot of subjects and content,
An innocent child becomes an alumnus, having discovered his penchant!

Years later when he passes by his school,
He laughs, remembering those days when he was a fool!
Those days will never be back,
But the memories will forever be intact!

Make sure you make the most of those lovely days,
Make sure you treasure the pleasure in all possible ways!
Make sure you make the most of those lovely days,
Make sure you treasure the pleasure in all possible ways!!

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