I am a soldier who has fought many battles
While the deciders of my countries fate
Drown themselves in evil politics while I witness horrors every day
Still I fight with every shade of loyalty to make my country great

I am an impoverished Indian farmer, I work for long hours
I cultivate grains, fruits and vegetables too
I hardly get paid for working to feed you
I come in all shades of hard work, and I’m as under appreciated as the moon

I am the hearth, heart of families and union
My trickling flames as beckoning as love
A giver of equal and treasured warmth
I glow with all shades of giving, with happiness I am hand in glove

I am a lie, gorgeous to the eye
But conceal an ugly truth
Don’t get carried away too easily with all these false prospects
For I am all shades of evil, and another word for wasted youth

I am death, feared by most
Some say I’m an addictive blissful peace and simply want more
Whatever mystery I am, I wait for all, unbiased
I come in all shades of peace, and its not me you love, but the moment before

I am love, a mystery to most
Some say I’m the most powerful
I turn the world as you know it a rosy pink
I come in all shades of happiness, I’d rather disappear than be dull

I am a woman violated, too scared to speak up
Robbed of my identity, grace and sanities
But inside me burn the embers of rebellion
I am all shades of anger, and will one day be free from your inhumanity

– Shania Sarup

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