She is Elemental

Do More Than Just Exist

She is Elemental

10/08/2021 Prose 21

She may be serene as the sea but has the immense strength to dance under raging waters.
She is as passionate and earnest as a fire that can melt a cold heart.
Though she can be fierce at times, patience is her key as of the heavenly earth.
As dynamic as a breeze, she is free-spirited, capable of living on her own terms.
Invincible she is, endeavors to pave a path of wisdom as a vast sky.

She is a vibrant and curious soul.
She is the embodiment of nature.
She is elemental.

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21 Responses

  1. Divya B T says:

    Nice 👍

  2. Ashwini K. says:

    You go girl!!!. Best descriptions used ! Keep up the good work!

  3. Karan Moolpani says:

    Such Beautifully Penned Hamsa💯❤️

  4. Rajneesh says:

    what a fascinating choice of words.

  5. Michelle Stella says:

    Wooow so amazing🤩🤩 all the best

  6. Skandan says:

    It’s fantastic and you have such a powerful way with words. An innate talent. Excellent.

  7. Ranga says:

    ELEMENTS – broken down into simpler substances. phrase are as simple as elements. Excellent.

  8. Dipu says:

    it has soul

  9. @poetryforaclearmind says:

    Wonderful writing. I could feel every word of it. I closed my eyes and pictures the nature from the raging waters to the breeze. Just fabulous

  10. Santosh says:

    I like the way you put heavy words yet make it sound easy

  11. Kishore says:

    Great work 👌
    All the best

  12. Divyavani says:

    Excellent 👍

  13. Aastha says:

    Impressive work, Hamsa. Your creativity and imagination is deeply meaningful. Thank you for depicting a woman so beautifully. Keep up the good work!

  14. Roopa says:

    Good work

  15. Lavanya says:

    Wow..! It’s awesome I loved the phrases.

  16. pooja says:

    hamsa it’s really nice great work….keep going girl!

  17. Aafreen says:

    This is so amazing 😍
    Indeed “She is ELEMENTAL”!!!
    Your amazing , waiting to read more from you …..

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