She was a girl with a golden heart;
But, they restricted her to react.
She was willing to shower love;
They bashed and called her a bluff.
She had a sparkle in her eyes;
They sank her in their lies.
She was ambitious;
They called her malicious.
She always lifted others, with her kindness;
Yet, they termed her spineless.
They desired her to act like their pillars;
In return, she was rewarded with only fillers.
She was always devoted to them;
They never understood, she was a gem.
God created her with emotions;
For them, her emotions were near commotion.
They stole her charm and left her to be robbed;
It was declared, she always fake sobbed.
She sacrificed herself to sail their boats;
Made fun of her, forced to wear a failure coat.
She wanted to fly, they limited her sky;
She wanted a career, so they acted as a barrier.
She had wings, was an angel on earth;
They treated her like trash, realized she had no worth.
She had always been generous and protective;
They labelled her as venomous and defective.
She was full of nectar, like Jasmine;
They squeezed it all and called her mean.
Not too lean and thin, she was fat and obese;
She was a human, not a property on lease.
She was a magnet, they found her attractive;
They got her abducted and made her captive.
She got married, he claimed “she’s mine”;
Sometimes she felt she’s only a concubine.
Working woman or a housewife, she managed it all like a pro;
But, still for herself, she always heard a big no.
She worked all day all night, to make things right;
But she was termed as a person who always fights.
They criticized her for wearing clothes of her choice;
She accepted as she had no voice.
Slowly and gradually, she was losing her flame;
They put blames and called her lame.
A daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, she played many roles;
She was a diamond in a mine, they assumed her as coal.
Enough is enough, now, she wants herself back;
Ready to cook happiness, running on a track.
She reignited her flame, burning like a fire;
She assembled herself, untangled all the wires.
She is breaking stereotypes, burying all screams;
Fighting against all odds, chasing her dreams.
Earlier, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife she was known for only those roles;
Now, a leader, a pilot, an IPS, a doctor comes out from her soul.
The sky is not a limit for her, yet, she knows her boundary;
She boldly says NO, now she’s not a slack on a laundry.
Her haters are now turning into her fans;
She knows she is a woman and she can.
She is we, she is me and she is you;
And now, she is all new.

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