Short Story By Monika Pal

As parents, we enlighten our daughters about safe touch and unsafe touch to keep themselves safe and alert at the fully-fledged stage.In current statistics,most of the rape cases are happening with small girls by their own family members. This is a story about a girl who became the youngest mother in history and gave birth at the age of 5 years,seven months, and twenty-one days.She is popularly named Lina Medina from Pisco, Peru who was the ninth child of her parents.

One fine day,she felt abdominal pain and her abdomen increased in size due to which she was immediately taken to the doctor for a check-up.While checking up, the doctor thought that its a tumor but after examination,all came to know that she is pregnant with a seven month baby.

When her father came to know about this,he yelled out that he will kill the person who have done this act with his daughter.Besides that, mother calmed down her little baby Lina who was crying in pain, and asked her to speak the truth about what happened to her without any hesitation.

She pampered her baby and told her that whatever the situation maybe she will not let anyone hurt her or her baby.
Poor Lina while blubbering shouted in pain that her dad has done this. Her mother was shocked and when she realized that this was the reason why her dad was always taking her out alone,she broke down with teary eyes.

From that day,her father faded away.Her mother took proper care of Lina and her baby.After six weeks of diagnosis,she gave birth to a healthy baby boy by cesarean section.Later at the age of 10, she came to know that she is the mother of the boy who was raised as a little boy along with her.As per source,the biological father was never identified.

About one in every 10,000 cases develop such condition known as precocious puberty and Medina was one of those kids.Lina’s father was arrested on the suspicion case of child sex abuse and got released later due to lack of evidence.
There are several other cases where girls of small age are getting pregnant.

Most of the cases are closed or unrevealed due to fear of loss of dignity and respect in front of society.We are ashamed to highlight that such types of cases are still happening in our beautiful country,India where our kids are not safe whether it’s boy or girl.

Such type of cases can only be resolved when we change our thinking and proper sex education should be given to everyone.

As a kid,we trust our parents first and have the belief that whatever the formidable hurdles,we can face the same happy faces as our parents are beside us.

There was another case where 6 years old Yelizaveta Pantueva gave birth to a healthy baby girl few days before her 6th birthday.Unfortunately the baby lost her breath during labor due to early placental tear.Her parents were not ready for cesarean section as they thought it would be dangerous at that time.
She was raped and impregnated by her 70-years old maternal grandfather when she was 5 years old.

According to latest report,more that 100 kids are sexually abused everyday.

We are still unaware why such cases are rising after copious amounts of awareness campaigns,ads which were organized to nullify the cases.

When we as a parents restlessly casting about for such cases in internet,we get abundant reasons for such happenings by different people.

Why don’t we find the actual reason behind such activities instead of wasting time in searching from internet sources.As we all know that most of the child sexual abuse starts from own family members only.Instead of blaming non family members,we need to keep on eye on the people with whom our kids spends lot of time.It doesn’t means that when the child grows up is most prone to such cases.Child of any age get targeted by such people with bad intentions.

We cannot trust our fathers,grandfather, brothers and uncles.Such people are too close with the small kids at their young age.
Now,question comes in our mind how such cases can be reduced.

First of all,when such acts happens,we should not feel ashamed for lodging FIR against the perpetrator.As soon as the FIR is lodged,the police officers should put all the forces to close such cases and give punishment which should be dreadful that nobody will dare to do such activities.

In child sexual abuse,girls are not only the one who were ensnared, but little boys too were ensnared as well.We should not be completely contingent on laws.Every parents need to keep any strict eye on each and every activity of their apple pie.When we working parents goes out for our work,we have to be very careful at that time because babies use to stay alone with baby sitter or their grandparents or any of their family members or neighbors.If you are doubtful with any such activities of your baby,aware your baby with some signs about the safe touch and unsafe touch.Besides working,keep good bonding with your baby so that they can trust upon you and express their uncomfortable moments with you.Because babies below 7 years old are too small to express their uncoziness.Such babies should be kept in take care of the person to whom they trust the most when the parents goes out for work.If the baby were found with any unusual marks on any parts of their body,immediately it should be exposed first within the family members.Everytime social medias gets flooded with such incidents everyday.

It is not the right time to forbid the independency of your newbies,instead they should be made aware of such activities and if anything wrong happens with them,they should express it boldly without any fear.
This stage is very crucial for every parents and babies need to be taken care

very properly as they are very delicate physically and mentally as well.

It sounds weird that own family members are also considered as monsters but we have to accept the fact that in reality,such heart wrenching incidents are happening around us and slow claps for those people who think that small dresses is the cause of rape,child sexual abuse and sexual molestations.

Most of the babies gets targeted as per sources because of lack of proper sex education,lack of humanity,lack of emotions,lack of literacy and narrow mindedness.

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