‘Silence’ is a state of being when one’s mind is the most creative. It is a state of being where one’s lips are motionless but mind wanders about a thousand places.

According to psychologists, man’s mind never stops thinking. Silence just heightens the function of the brain to do so. One’s thoughts move from one thing to another. In silence, a person is perhaps thinking of something happy and in the next moment he is in bewilderment of negative thoughts. Silence is as complex as the mind. It has many variants of its own.

Silence is joy for someone and maybe a companion of a depressed person on the contrary. It is a sign of joviality when found under the blushing sky on early mornings. The silence in the atmosphere, the smell of the lush green grass and the wet brown soil, together fills one’s heart with serenity and glee.

On the contrary, silence on the bluest nights can fill one’s heart with desolation. A heart may shatter and cry the loudest from within but remain silent on the outside at the same time. After all, “Silence is the loudest cry.” Sometimes a man may want to rant his heart out but all he gets to do is remain silent because there is no ear keen enough to listen. To pacify. And to tell him that stars only shine after the sky is filled with darkness.

Silence can also come in the form of anger. Hearts filled with rage, eyes too heavy to hold back tears but lips – silent. A person may show silence as a response to anger within him and to the other person because at times, situations cannot be changed. There is no other choice but endurance. Maybe silence can be a better answer than a fumed reply because it leaves an open conclusion. It allows the other person to think and understand rather than give a declaration of one’s opinion.

Silence is what a creative mind requires to work at its best. A creative mind is always able to produce some of the greatest compositions. For instance, a happy mind can play with colours and fill an empty canvas. A gloomy mind can ink its thoughts down on paper and give out some great literary pieces. Maybe a mind with millions of mixed feelings can compose music of any sort. Silence, in all these cases, is the much-needed fuel to ignite the fire of creativity.

Silence is also a sign of strength and power. Introspection is possible only in silence. Only silence has the power of calming a mind, heart and soul. It enables one to connect to the Heavenly Being to find their purpose. It helps one in the path of enlightenment. Silence symbolizes internal strength and immense connection with the omnipotent.

Silence. So simple, if thought. So complex, if embraced. It is one of the most unrealized truths on this earth. It is, indeed, surreally beautiful.

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