Silence of Love

What would the bluebirds sing of,
If there was no love?
No red roses or valentine heart candies,
No scorching kisses while it poured from the Heavens above.

What would poets allude to?
What would the youth dream of?
What would you come home to?
What would lovers scream of?

Your best friend lending you their rain jacket,
Sharing laughs and chips from the same packet.
This feeling of love and warmth that makes us feel secure,
What if it vanished overnight leaving you stranded and unsure?

You often take it for granted,
The warmth that bleeds from your mama’s bosom.
But know that this love should be worshipped,
On any given day, without reason.

The verdure of a lover’s kiss,
Can never equate to any materialistic pleasure.
Your pets at home who you miss,
Love you back beyond measure.

Humans often set off on the grand quest,
Of finding their ‘One True Love’.
To find someone who is suited to them the best,
To find their match, made from the Heavens above.

Rounding back to my query,
What would the bluebirds sing of,
If there was no love?
I have not found the answer to that yet,
And I sincerely hope no one ever does.

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