Silence was your favourite sound

Hold me under the purple skies
Lonely fields, it was just you and I
Take my tears and carry them forever
Lose the key, I’ll be the lost treasure.

Sleepless nights, under the stars
You took my heart, creating scars
I’ve never felt this kind of love before
You left me alone wanting some more.

We walked till the end of the archway
Where angels leave their souls behind
You pushed me down, saying it’s not my time
Tripped back while you crossed the line.

Red and blue flares, sirens blaring
Heavy head, I fell into oblivion
Empty spaces by my side
Woke up to never see you again.

Silent nights, under the stars
Feeling too numb to feel anything
Scents and sounds fill your void
Maybe one day, I’ll let go of holding.

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