Sin Together

My visions play like a video
Running our memories forth and back
Flashing moments in a time-lapse
With my thoughts running loud
I am unsure about my whereabouts
Between our first kiss and the last
Drowning in, and then rekindling our romance
Hugging you in my arms, I have sheltered you from the stars
Our love lay blanketed under the night sky
Only for the rain to wash away what was ours
Our feelings had muddled
As we together were a struggle
Letters from our relationship evaporate in the morning sun
Till there was nothing left of us, none
I wish I knew it was the last time
And we were not meant to see another day
I wish the rain didn’t stop
And we lay cuddled under the sky grey
Alas, all I have now are these memories
Vivid as videos, which are mine
Come back once again
Only to howl with me at the full moon
Only to burn and flicker like a fading star
Come back once again
To live before we are back to never
Come back once again
For us to sin together. . .

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