I was fortunate enough to spend a major portion of my childhood in coastal areas. I remember being in Ratnagiri for a few years where our school had mango tress in abundance. Our recess time was spent under the mango trees where we adored the smell of fresh raw mangoes while eating our lunch boxes. I compared those mangoes to the stars that were visible from my terrace at night. The stars and the raw mangoes were same shiny, cheerful & countless. But, just as the stars disappeared in the morning, the small green mangoes disappeared when the school re-opened in the monsoon.
As a curious little child, I always wondered where did the stars and the mangoes disappeared?
School gave me answers for both the questions. The bright sun light took away the stars and the greedy humans took away the mangoes. I hated both of them for their deeds.
Today in the evening, when I sat in my balcony sipping the kairi ka panha made from the raw mangoes, I felt nostalgic. I am a part of the same greedy human beings who brought home those raw mangoes and enjoys the juice almost every day. I also love to watch the sun rise every morning which takes away all the stars.
As we grow up, we find a different perspective for everything that we see.
We get to know that there are these extra pair of shoes that we need to wear sometimes in order to understand someone else’s point of view.

As a child I cursed the ones eating those mangoes from my school,
Now, as a grown-up child I pass on a blessing to each and every person who participates directly or indirectly to make these mangoes reach my home.

As a child I hated the fact that sun rises each morning and takes away all the twinkling stars making the sky empty, but now,
I understand the importance of sun and also the fact that even sun is a star and it’s his way to shine and bring life to all the living species present on this earth.

As I finish sipping the glass of panha it started getting dark. I got up to leave & I saw a star shining brightly at a far end of the horizon.
That day instead of a shooting star, I closed my eyes and made a wish to a bright shining star.
When I was about to close the door of my balcony the glass in my hand somehow slipped and shattered on the floor in thousands of pieces. I knew my wish would be granted but I didn’t expect it to be so quick in its service.
I wished to see a sky full of stars. I guess the star wanted me to experience it a little closer so, instead of stars in the sky it made them appear on my floor. Thousands of pieces of glass as shiny and bright as the stars in the night sky were sparkling on my floor.
Let’s say that star had his own point of view to make my wish come true.

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