Slam poem

I stood on the street near that colony wondering if I was like them, if they were like me. If they all thought we are different or was there someone believing in humanity
Like me, hoping to be seen in equality.
Across the city there were various places divided by invisible walls of class caste and creed all made and maintained by all so human greed.
There was a place called as white street among all this where people sold themselves for satisfying their stomach and fullfiled their customers needs.
Their customers resided from ‘better’ places tidy and clean residences, driving cars and working shifts known as ‘respected’men, the street also had customers from the city slums, which were also called by tidy ones as dumps.
There were people named of all names of all castes and who looked all looks of all creeds, the people who hated each other and believed that nothing in them was similar I stood on the street and saw them on the white street and I saw the caste, creed and class leaving, humans being united by their lust and discreditance and ignorance. Divided by day United by moans of night the people doing a people fit, the city joined together by the white street.

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