Something cliché but not at all clichè

The need for a different look seems to be very important to me because I want my haters to like me,
I am not considering myself more because I was tired of it,
Now I burned all those thoughts to ashes to make myself free,
Free to see myself as I am,
But I think I made a mistake that I lose the habits of entertaining everyone,
Making people say good about me was something I don’t wanted at a time but now it is necessary for me to pursue those,
Because it is hard to breath where you are not only different but also get pointed out as a different,
I am sick of those show offs I used to make,
Later when I came to my sense, that I am not Netflix and stop all the things I used to do a time ago,
It’s not my job to cop up with the hateful

comments and appear to be okay,
I am the odd one out I know that but it sucks to feel odd one out,
I am not at all isolated but my surroundings doesn’t even care that I am different,
It is very good to be honest and free minded but then why it is considered as straightforward,
Being effortless is not good for everyone where you don’t have that much of capacity to handle the things people have to say,
Everytime I see myself in the mirror I realize that this land has became a fake model of earth of that original model which is lost somewhere,
No one seems to feel responsible for that lost earth,
I talk cliché but I don’t make that look fake because I know I am not going to be very happy at the end.

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