Speak up!

This ain’t no fantasy,
this is the truth,
everyone’s living a lie,
now let’s question the youth.
Here, there, everywhere,
you’re gonna find misogyny,
yet not once you’ll see,
that girl living in agony.
Call her a slut,
call her a whore,
until she can’t take no more.
You’ll see her body lying on the floor,
And that’s when you’ll roar.
She gets raped,
she will die,
and then you ask why!!?
I’m not gonna lie,
go find that guy,
who made her cry,
wave him goodbye.
We ain’t gonna take this anymore,
the law’s gotta make him die.
Not a life threat,
not a sudden death,
he deserves to suffer,
till his last breath.
Rejection hurt his pride,
he then did decide,
he won’t stop,
until he’s satisfied.
Took her out,
stripped her down,
raped her dead,
found his ground.
To this country,
a disgrace,
no justice,
but a pending case.
Did nothing,
but increase the pace,
now has become,
world’s 2nd most unsafe place.
Get on the stage,
break your cage,
hold our hands,
set out a rampage.
10, 12, 40,
no matter what your age,
take a stand,
let out the rage.
Take a chance,
you’ll do the victory dance,
they’ll get what they deserve,
in that vengeance trance.
Don’t you cry,
hold you head high,
fake ones gon die,
those who are true,
are gonna be your alibi.

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