strangers i knew

This is for them, who are strangers today,
But I once called them family, my friends
How do you go from talking everyday
To a storm of silence that never ends

How does a person change so quickly?
They just wake up and decide they are done?
leaving you alone with the worst days ever
It’s just the memories left which are fun

I Remember when pain was stubbing my toe
Or when I broke my body or bone
Who knew things were gonna get way hard
It would become easier to mend my heart into stone

Some of them were maybe not even friends
They just lied to me everytime we met
How was I so stupid to not see the reality
Why is it the red flags which I chose to forget

Some of them never really supported me
Some of them used to make fun of how I felt
But what I miss the most is the real ones I lost
Because they knew all these situations I dealt

But thank you everyone I mentioned above
Thank you all for not sticking around longer
Thank you for showing me what real pain is
Because what didn’t kill me, just made me stronger

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