Struggle, the one and only word which we don’t want to have in our lives. It is the one which makes a person feel restless in life. We as a human being always wish to stay away from it as much as possible. There will be very few people who dare to withstand against the struggle they face. Some people give up their lives as they were unable to run forward. A person cannot lead his/her life without accepting struggles. They may come in any way, may be by people, may be in work, and may be in relations, with friends, in studies. There are lots of things where struggle come in our life. Accepting struggle and going through it always leads to a blessing. Let me tell you an example. A Woman when she is about to become a mother, the greatest happiness in her life. She needs to carry baby in her womb till 9 months. She knows she had to struggle a lot during the process. All those 9 months she will be so happy even though she struggles a lot. What she actually did? She accepted the struggle. If she doesn’t accept it, do we exist?? She is the only one who heartfully accepts the struggle for the blessing she receives after the struggle. When she gives birth to her baby, she forgets the entire struggle she gone through and cherish with what she blessed with. Does this example is not enough for us to believe in blessings behind struggle.

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