I’ve been wondering a lot lately
About how lovely it would be,
To have someone send you a bouquet of sunflowers,
Just because you live in their mind, rent-free.

They say that it is songs that truly convey the message of adoration and love,
I agree. They do.
But nothing compares to tucking a sunflower behind your love’s ear,
Or showing up at their doorstep, with a bunch or two.

How such simplistic, majestic beauty and radiance, a mere flower embodies in itself,
Is something beyond me.
Yet all I know, is that watching two sunflowers meet midway in embrace,
Makes my countenance light up with glee.

The rose is often said to be the symbol of undying love,
But I feel that’s unfair.
For never was there a more devout lover than the sunflower,
Who holds its head up undaunted and follows the sun’s intense stare.

Oh! I must get the door!
I wonder who it could be.
To my utter delight, it wasn’t the landlord or the pizzeria down the road,
It was a blossom of sunflowers addressed to me!

Was it from a secret admirer then?
Who knows?

An old friend perhaps?
Guess we’ll never find out.

Or maybe a kind, long lost relative?
Bless their soul for the bunch then!

But all I know with certainty,
Is that today will be immortalised in my memory,
Full of thoughts of my sunflowers and me.
My Sunflowers and Me.

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