Swallows Breach

In the end of time,

At the end of breath,

Quivering in this stilled sand,

Waiting for the promised land.

I see the skies of forlorn,

I beseech the cloth of fate,

Ne’er have I seen my land,

Only beauty foretold of my shore.

My ancestral abode,

Where the birds chirp in harmony,

Where the winds blow with a soothing tone,

Where babies toddle and pixies roam,

My motherland where art thou?

I reach and reach but you begone,

Forever out of my reach,

Forever out of my sight,

But strive shall I to embrace you once more.

Day in and day out,

I see my master sneer with puissance,

Curse my lands with savagery,

Ne’er to see its true beauty.

The eye of the beholder,

The dreams of the dreamer,

I shall strive to see my lands,

I shall fly high from my bondage.


  1. Alina

    The lines made me miss something from me maybe my roots I don’t know. But it gave me a emptiness . Beautifully executed. Well done brother.

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