‘Congratulations Mitesh’, ‘congrats yaara, ab to party banti hei’. ‘Great, happy to hear. Congratulations’…Such messages were continuously  pouring in Mitesh’s facebook, instagram and whatsapp. After all why not, he got this long awaited promotion after 10 years of his service in a reputed electrical company. Now he was the National Marketing Head. 

Kriti ran to open the door when she heard the door bell. ‘Congrats dear, I am so happy for you, finally you made it.’ ‘ Congrats Mrs. Mitesh Arora, now you are the wife of a National Head’. Kriti and Mitesh embraced and kissed each other.  Their six year old daughter Muskaan also came running and hugged her dad. 

‘You know Kriti, I think the five hundred Rupee note which I got 2 days back in our office parking area has brought this fortune for us.’ Mitesh drew out the dining chair and sat. 

‘O really, then don’t spend that money’ Kriti served the food in Mitesh’s plate. ‘Do you remember tomorrow Muskaan is having open house in her school and we both have to be present?’

‘O yes, dear, I remember.’

Next morning they were on time to reach the school.

‘So Mrs. And Mr. Arora, Muskaan is doing good as always. But yesterday I felt she was lost somewhere and not paying much attention in the class. She didn’t even appear as cheerful as she always is. Is there any problem with her?’ said Shweta Soni madam.

‘No, ma’am, everything is fine. We didn’t notice any such change in her, anyways, thank you for informing us.’ Kriti got up from the chair to conclude the meeting. 

They sat in the car and moved towards home. ‘Baby, is there any problem?’S Asked Mitesh while driving.

‘Dad, I am not feeling good since last two days.’

‘ Kriti, dear, take her to the doctor for check-up please.’

‘Yes, I will.’

In next few days the condition of Muskaan deteriorated. She was always crying and couldn’t sleep peacefully. 

‘Muskaan, why do you always keep crying now a days?’ asked Shweta madam while taking rounds in the class. 

‘Ma’am I see somebody sitting there and staring at me.’ Muskaan sobbed.

Shweta madam looked out from the window towards the corridor but could see nothing, ‘But Muskaan, there’s nobody.’

‘No ma’am she’s there, I can see her, she even comes on my bed at night and throws me down..’ Muskaan started crying loudly.    

Shweta madam changed her seat and informed her mother about everything. 

Kriti took Muskaan to the doctor, but her condition worsened. 

One dark night it was raining heavily, Muskaan got up at the middle of the night to go to the washroom. As she walked towards the bathroom, she heard the sound of anklet bells from the window. She steered her direction and walked towards the window, she stood there for a few moments but saw nothing except the lights in the society compound and an array of trees. She was scared of the sound, so she rolled back in her bed and covered herself with the sheet and tried to sleep. But immediately then she slid from the bed as if somebody had pushed her. She started crying on a high pitch and ran towards her parent’s room. 

Mitesh opened the door and comforted Muskaan. Next morning when Muskaan was crossing the road to take the school bus, she was run over by another speeding bus. Mitesh and Kriti’s lifeline, their daughter was taken. 

In the cremation ground, Mitesh put his hands in his pocket to clutch out his wallet and pay the money to pandit ji. The five hundred Rupee note that was lying behind the wallet slipped out and fell down. Mitesh and Kriti completed the rituals and came back home. 

The five hundred Rupee note fluttered in the air and flew to land at the foot of yet another gentleman. He glanced down and saw the Rupee but no one around, and he reached out his hand to clasp the five hundred Rupee note…



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