The accident

I saw blue, black and white.
A tinge dark and a tone light
Spellbound by the enchanted hues
I fought the urge to regain my sight.

I kept shut my eyes
Feeling intact in dark skies
With no memory of who was I
I felt lost, till a pinch of pink swirled a thought,
I recalled my name in the mind’s eye.

Followed a thousand glimpses and a sigh
For my sore throat had just revived
A sudden pain brought me back
Back with tears and sounds of cry.

Sodden eyes and buzzing ears
Led to a beating heart and a smelly fear
Astound by the symptoms of life
My mind feared a question that questioned
My existence and future time.

For I knew that both were new
And both resurged with tears
Wondered my mind, what was I to find?
Had I revived to the second I died
Or had I left everything behind
To be born in another life?.

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