The Aftermath

You had me in your arms & I didn’t know how to be around,
You left me while I lay half dead on the ground.
We kissed for the first time under the lilac sky,
In a crowded room, I look for you from the corner of my eye.
You made me your life while I carved your soul with countless scars,
Now I’m a degenerate hopping bar to bar.
It’s crazy how with you, I was always at cloud nine,
Now you’re gone, can’t even call you mine.
You put me on a pedestal when I knew I was a waste,
Now I’m drowning in memories, your aftertaste.

You took my hand and showed me the light,
Now, I’m being haunted by the sleepless nights.
Your soul ran as deep as the ocean,
I was a fool, couldn’t see the bigger plan in motion.
I felt alive every time we touched,
Come back to me because I miss the rush.
Never told you this, but with you, I was euphoric,
I know in my heart our chemistry would’ve been historic.
I broke you & broke you, then pushed you away,
Why do I crave you in the middle of the day?

The sun rises everyday but the light doesn’t shine,
With you by my side, my life was divine.
I loved the way your hair embraced your eyes,
I told you I’d change but I was just manipulating you with lies.
I loved the way you made me laugh, acting like a Zany,
Probably too late now, but finally I’ve had an epiphany.
Now that you’re gone, it really really hurts,
Should’ve told you I loved you but I was lacking on guts.
Life isn’t fair; now you’re buried six feet beneath the soil,
I can’t look at myself knowing I’m the reason your life is spoiled.

My presence in your life was worse than getting stabbed by a thousand knives,
Every day that you breathed, I buried you alive.
Your father wanted a eulogy from his daughter’s boyfriend,
Can’t do that knowing I left you all alone in the end.
You believed I’d turn around, I told you, you were being naïve,
You just sat there while I drained you right out of your life.
Now I’m left here in black, standing in the rain,
Regret & Anger coursing through my veins.
You were the victim of my meaningless wrath,
Every day I die in this Aftermath.

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