The Autumn of Evil

The season of love and betrayal has arrived once again. When the catkins could be seen bobbing their heads with the wind, it marks the arrival of Autumn for me. With the Autumn knocking on the door impatiently; love can be seen blooming in a desolated land far away yet so close, colours can be seen cuddling each other on the distressed canvas, hopes can be seen rising from the grave holding on to each other’s arms with a promise not to be disheartened anymore, the shiuli flowers can be seen reviving life in a dispirited piece of rock, the stars can be seen making grumpy faces when the incompetent clouds try to overshadow them in the clear evening skies, the overburdened leaves can be seen losing their grin when they start discolouring from green to orange to brown, the daylight can be seen losing its lustre with the darkness hovering over it like a nightmare, the winter can be seen smirking at the apocalypse of the mighty Sun’s splendid reign and last but not the least, Durga can be seen driving to her homeland from the Himalayas in an old jalopy car with Shiva getting high on weed and her kids in the backseat playing with Ganesha’s tummy all along the way.
This year too, the amygdala triggered all these emotions inside me upon its arrival. But, the Autumnal scenes are slightly different this year. The experienced robber came yet again; but this time around a girl’s pride was being ruptured far away yet so close, her dignity was being soiled and its remains were buried, the fragile male egos were climbing newer levels to distort her identity, their masculinity was smirking at her broken hymen, the night skies were ashamed as they were incompetent to save her from those demons, the dark nights were crying out loud on listening to her screams and Durga was keen on returning back to Himalayas when she witnessed how real Durgas were being treated in her cursed motherland. The scenes might be devastating and traumatic, but every autumn comes with a shimmer of hope that Good always triumphs over the Evil. No matter how brutal and barbaric the evil deeds are, the good deeds will definitely countervail them by the end just like the Autumnal Equinox.

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