The Bike Rider

Hello, My name is Steve
In God, miracles I don’t believe
Across the Day and into the Night,
I drive with all my might
Deep beneath within a state of plight
Too bold and solid freezing my heart
I drive In and Out filled by darkness
I drive all around, all along sleepless
When I’m tired, I stop drink and smoke
I relish them as they are my only folks
And When I’m done, I hit the road
Travelled across several highways
With countless killing days
I see people roam about crying
I don’t care to see them seeking
Seeking for the Holy God
Seeking to solve for their mysteries
Ha.. God don’t hear those cries
As I drive through these cemeteries
I Am the Bike Rider
I am a Merciless Killer

Ooooh, Just a little pin prick
It will hurt no more
Ha ha, for you I’m not so sure
I do believe it’s working good
My hands urge along with my moods
While I am comfortably numb
I’m just amused to see you dumb
Come on, It’s time for another kill
Just then you say, you Love me
Ha..Ha..I’m blind can’t you see?
You can’t get through to me
And then you swirl around me,
Making your moves
Enticing me to feel groovy
You ask wanna dance?
Hmm, If only I was still there
Baby, I ain’t gonna give you any chance
For the context, you feel it’s a must
As for my plight, I dislike Lust
You come up to me and utter “be my mate”
Ticking, I feel it’s getting too late
Realize, Death is your only FATE
But before I do, I’d like to see you beg for your life
You cry harder as I play around with my knife
Hey you piece of Cupcake
Can’t you see that time is precious?
I have been very generous
Fine, No more Sorrow
I ain’t gonna follow
Time to Kill my dear slut
Rejoice every drop of blood on my skin
See you die slowly as I pierce within

Another drank rainy night
In my life, there is no room for light
Rain drops mingle along the blood
Indeed it’s another bloody moon
Grounds are filled with your tainted stains
You cry in the cemetery in vain
You are on your road to Hell
It was coming, I did see you fall
I am the one who pushed you into that well
Took a moment as you drowned deep
There is nothing left to say
Deserving ones need to pay
As for me,
I Am the Bike Rider
Yet another killing for this Merciless Murderer.

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