The Boy In The Cupboard Under The Stairs (Harry Potter)

A young boy of eleven looked out the window. Dreading the day ahead of being looked at like a weirdo.
He hated them and this house that was theirs. Wondered when he’d be free and escape this cupboard under the stairs.
He wished he could meet his parents…and not only in those nightmares. He thought about the home he could never have in this cupboard under the stairs.
Little did he know, he’d be able to do magic and find home in a far away castle. Friendship, love, loss; Life had a lot to unravel.
He’d have to battle for everyone he’d ever loved. The scar on his forehead would no longer be the only one as he’d shed blood.
He’d emerge a hero and make it to the shore. Winning everyone’s hearts with a huge uproar.
He made us laugh and cry, in equal shares.
It was the boy in the cupboard, under the stairs.

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