The Cockroach Story

There was a Cockroachu, yes; you understood right, a baby cockroach who somehow landed up in the bathroom of an ordinary home. He made his abode behind a plastic broom in one corner. He was abandoned by his parents. So he had to manage things on his own. He made his first appearance to the darling son of the family when he entered to use the bathroom, and the news spread like cockroach eggs in the home. Now whenever any new family member would enter the bathroom, the cockroach would crawl out with his small body to introduce himself to the family as a newly added member of the house. 

This became his regular habit to check upon the intruders of his home and he would say, “umhhh, let me see who has disturbed my sleep now, these people don’t even let me sleep peacefully..” And then he would return to sleep.   Days passed. For a few days nobody saw the cockroach in the bathroom and wondered where he had vanished. Then came a day when he surprised everybody by showing up his grown up body. So the secret was, he was drinking Bornvita to grow up fast…hummm. 

Once the mother woke up in the middle of the night and went to check for the cockroach. She saw that the cockroach, motivated by Spiderman was hanging upside down at the bathroom door and then crawling up the door, practicing gymnastics. He was surely preparing to participate in the 2022 cockolympics . He along with ‘Poochi’, his mouse friend was working hard. Poochi was participating in Ratolympics 2022. The cockroachu would sit on the back of Poochi and would gatecrash in the human gym once it was closed at night. They would practice whole night and would return in the morning. Surely they will win the gold in 2022 games.

The cockroach appeared in the bathroom after many days. Surely he had won the medal, as he looked cheerful. One day he got married and brought his wife home. She was fond of shopping and would freak out now and then. Their family extended and they added new members into their family…Now they wanted a bigger home and bigger area for practice as all his children were born players. So they spread out in the entire house and practiced day and night to win gold in the cockolympics in different categories. 

And the day came when they all won gold and became the first gold medalist family where every member was a winner. They never stopped practicing. The children now got married, extended their family and now they wanted more homes to practice. So they gate crashed in other homes and continued their family tradition of winning gold medals.       


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