The cross is the reason to rejoice

They cast it on your shoulders
you held it like your staff
they thought they could claim you
by choosing to laugh

You did have a choice
to beat them in their own games
but by the will of God
you chose, oh, betrayal and shame

A pair of eyes shed crimson tears
and several pairs shed white
yet your red purified them all oh Lord
and the stained became white

I lift my eyes toward you,
startled by your steady gaze
a red droplet blinds my vision,
a faint smile in that haze

I am scared to look beyond it,
your eyes never leave
your pain does leave a crease on my heart,
I see how much you grieve

Scars so ugly, wounds profuse,
as naked and fiery as coal
yet they look like sweet couplets,
written of love on my soul

This for me a sinner? Those bruises?
those thorns? That cross?
you died for me just, oh, just
so, I wouldn’t be at loss?

You bore my sins, and took my shame
you took my guilt, and fought my case
how shall I ever repay you Lord?
oh, such amazing grace

How shall I live Lord now?
to make it all worthwhile
see that there’s no sin in me
and no hatred nor guile

Make me a body and soul of your will
that the world may see your sacrifice
how you shed your blood for us all
your cross became the reason to rejoice.

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