The Dark Night

Lonely in the dark long night,
Restlessly i toss and turn;
I see a dim beam of light
Now I sit up with concern…

I hear the door creak,
Fear crawls in coldly-
My pulse drops bleak
Confusion follows slowly…

Then i hear a voice so tender
I shudder at its elegance,
Its so meek and slender
And graceful with arrogance…

Its the voice of my fears,
Its the sound of insecurity
Ringing sharply in my ears,
It questions my morality…

“Are you sure you deserve
A destiny? A love? A happy-ending?”
It induces self-doubts in me
It makes me all the more unnerving…

Now it’s showtime for my anxiety –
I quickly turn the pages of uncertainty
Of my future and my integrity,
It seems to last an eternity.

I squeeze my eyes shut with a prayer
Hoping my night intruders leave me alone,
The pain grows greater and greater
I give in to it, I condone, yes I condone…

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