The day I was born

‘Morning darling. Wake up, it’s twenty minutes past eight already!’ said Mrs Cohen in a whisper. Alicia would never deny her mother. She sat upright, fresh, from her good night’s sleep and hugged her mother a good morning. She then brushed her teeth, after all, she’s momma’s well-mannered girl.
‘Breakfast’s ready!’ called Mrs Cohen from the dinning downstairs. Alicia rushed downstairs, oh come on, she was hungry! ‘Fried eggs and bacon, with your favourite- coffee!’ ‘Oh brilliant!’ exclaimed Alicia, who would’ve eaten anything for instance. ‘Here, let me feed my sweetie’ ‘Oh! Thank you mother’ said Alicia quite startled. As far as she could remember, her mother had fed her last when she was a baby.
‘Peep-peep!’ honked Mr Cohen’s old Toyota. ‘Hurry up dear! Dad’s waiting outside.’ Mrs Cohen. ‘Oh, yeah! Goodbye momma.’ ‘Oh, goodbye sweetie’ she said, her voice sounded quite quiver.
Alicia had returned from school. She was on the threshold when she heard many people sobbing from inside. Aunt Davis opened the door for her, her face was red as a tomato. ‘What happened aun-’ ‘Poor soul. How will you ever-’ Aunt Davis started crying even harder. ‘What has happened auntie?’ But Aunt Davis wouldn’t answer. She just couldn’t tell the eleven-year-old Alicia what had happened.
Little Alicia ran inside the kitchen, and out in the backyard through the back door, where the whimpering grew much louder. There, in front of a coffin, sat Alicia’s father, dressed in black. ‘They say, it was her last stage of cancer’, she heard her neighbours whisper. ‘Whose last stage of cancer was it? And where is momma?’ thought Alicia, burning from the inside now. I think she knew where her mother was.
She walked miserably towards the coffin. There, inside the coffin lay Mrs Cohen, wearing her beautiful white dress, looking as gorgeous as she had then.
Alicia couldn’t believe that today would be the last day, she could ever hug her mother. She didn’t cry, but a great disgust struck her mind- ‘Hey! Does someone remember that today is my birthday!’

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