The dearly unknown

The clock ticked half-past five in the evening when the waitress placed a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee on a pale white ceramic table. The aroma of the coffee held my senses and took me back in time. It wasn’t my first cup of coffee of the day, but it felt so. It was about the place, time, and scenario. The scent of the wild red rose added to the calm ambiance. The interiors and the melody music were soothing, but a flame of fire was burning inside me. It felt the same as before, but it was different.
It’s the same coffee house where I met the love of my life. It’s the same table where David and I spent most of our teen times. Except that it was modernly renovated, suiting the locality. All the memories made there surpassed like a trailer. Undoubtedly, it was nostalgia striking me. But, being there, almost twenty-two years later, was very much different in time and life. I wish I weren’t here, but it’s fate that leads me here. I know everything will change in a few minutes, and I’m ready to face what is about to come. I haven’t longed my entire life for anything desperate as much as this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first time.
I’m here to find answers for David’s death, the reason for his betrayal, the purpose of his secret existence. It isn’t easy for those who knew David and me to believe about his love affair or his second income. I still hope it isn’t true, but deep inside, I doubt everything I’ve seen and outlived. My whole life turned upside down; when I learned the journey I happily lived was just wrapped in sugar-coated lies. I’m here, looking for proof to support my intuition, and I’m confident of finding it at any cost.
Cathy entered the coffee house, grabbing everyone’s attention in the coffee house. She walked in making noise with her stilettos, wearing a little back dress complimenting her figure with bright makeup. She looked overdressed and too bold. She sat right in front of me with a fake smile. I hated that she was beautiful and younger than me. Of course, that could be why David was flattered by her and made her the mistress. I couldn’t stand her the minute she started talking and soon realized how bad David’s taste had gone down. I was ashamed of his choice and interest. Nevertheless, that wasn’t my concern at this point.
Cathy refused to meet me until I threatened her to take away all her authority of having a posh life from my husband’s money. She was just there for the money, and I could see it in her eyes. I was dumbstruck when she began unfolding their relationship. The mistress was there the whole time in our lives, in all our occasions and achievements. I felt bizarre about myself for blindly trusting David. With every single detail, I began losing the respect I had for him. I had to question the genuineness of the love he showered on me. I felt disgusted. But my ego was satisfied when I learned that the mistress was cheating on David too. It might sound sadistic, but I felt happy. And suddenly, his betrayal stopped bothering me miraculously.
I felt sick of hearing all her stories; I just wanted to collect evidence about David’s side business. The place where he spent most of his time of the day and night. His source of income, apart from being a dentist. I needed to strengthen my doubts with clues; Cathy was dumb enough to vent out even the tiniest details she was aware of his firm for a cheque of a small amount. I couldn’t believe it was this easy. I was proud of myself for tracking her down and digging about her. It’s time now to show the world who David was and what he did. It’s time to unveil his past monstrous life. It’s also the time to show who I am and what I’m capable of doing.
Now, I’m not stopping. I’m on a mission to rescue all those innocent and helpless girls and help them find their way back home. I’m going to shatter the sham dynasty he created and put all his companions behind bars. There is no looking back, no mercy, no slowing down. I don’t care what it brings and what it costs; it is all morality and ethics for me.
It’s my responsibility to cure the disease my husband spread in society because I made an oath, and I stand by it.

Monica Jakub,
Superintendent of police.

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