The Eagle has Landed (Forever)

“Now as I stand before you, I assure every citizen a great natio…”
The bang of a gunshot cuts the president’s address short.
He looks down. His shirt’s drenched in blood. He looks up again. Cameras flashing in between the chaos of running people. Two of his bodyguards are rushing towards him, the others speaking into their intercoms with their guns cocked and at the ready. They’re too late. He’s already falling to the ground. Everything’s slowed down. All the sounds have faded, his vision dims. His body hasn’t hit the floor yet.
“Harry… get up, man! C’mon!” a familiar voice woke him up. He opens his eyes to blinding light. As he tries to keep his eyes open, he adjusts to the light. He’s on a dirt road, a broken bike by his side. “Thank God! I thought we lost you!” he heard a sigh. He looks towards the direction of the sound and sees a dark-skinned kid with a blue cap on. “Tim? Is that you?” he squints his eyes as he raises his hand to block the light and get a clear view of the kid’s face.
“Yeah, it’s me. Did you hit your head hard on the fall?”
“What… What fall? Anyway, it’s been so long since I saw you! It’s been what? 20 years? Wait… why are you still a kid?”
“Hey, dude, you’re freaking me out, man! I think your hurt really bad; you need to get to the hospital. Fast!”
“Yeah, yeah… I was. I was shot. Right here…” He touched his chest, but there was no wound, no blood. He was alright, but his hands and body were… smaller than he remembered it. “What? What’s happening? I’m a kid! I’m not wounded! Tim! Tim? Tim….!”
As he screamed and extended to hold his long lost friend’s hand, the scenery starts to melt and Tim turns to dust. His vision goes blank again. In the pitch dark his mind races for answers.
“What’s happening? What is this?”
“Life.” Tim’s voice resonates.
“Tim? Is that you? Tim, help me, please!”
“I am. I’m showing you all the people you’ve loved and lost over your lifetime. So that you can reminisce with them when I finally take you to them…. My child.”
“Wait… are you…”
“God? If that’s what you want to call me. I think its time you meet a friend. Gear up! It’s a war!”
Explosions resound in his ears. There’s an indistinct voice. Its… it’s shouting at him! “Get up soldier it isn’t time for a catnap! This is a war!” an old man in army uniform was shaking him wildly with one hand and with the other he was wreaking havoc with his gun. “Get up, boy! I haven’t ordered you to die just yet!”
“Colonel… Colonel Sorne? Oh God… you’re alive!”
“Of course, I am! I intend to win this war, with or without your help!”
“But… wait… where are we? Are… are we in the trenches?”
“Yeah, so? What? You look like you’ve seen a ghost, son! Forgot your balls at home! Haha !”
“No no no… get down sir!” he jumps in front of the colonel as a tank turret hurtles towards them.
The turret hits him and disintegrates. He looks back and the colonel is gone and, in his place, it’s only his gun. As he stares at the gun with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat, a great darkness engulfs him.
“Harry… you can’t change what you see.” The colonel was shouting again in the dark.
“Why, why do you want me to see all this?” his tears fell into the dark abyss he floated around in.
“Because these people made you. Now go, Mellisa’s having trouble with the kids.”
“Daddy, Daddy… let’s go to the fair! I want to go on the big circle!” his little princesses pulled at his sleeves.
“Now, now girls. Daddy’s had a rough day yesterday, let him rest. Go get dressed, I’ll take you to the fair.” Mellisa looked heavenly even with cancer gnawing away at her life.
“No, no… I’m not tired at all. I’ll take the girls. Why don’t you tag along though babe?” A tear hit Mellisa’s cheek as he kissed her.
“Harry? Are you alright? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Everything’s perfect. You, most of all.”
“Baby, something’s wrong. You can tell me.”
“I love you, more than anything in my life, I love you!” his voice was overcome with so much grief that by the end of the sentence no sound came out.
“Hey, hey, no… I don’t tolerate crying in my house. So, you can stop now. Look…babe… if this is about my… my condition…then don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m feeling much better already. C’mon, get up big guy. The girls want to ride the big circle again.” A warm smile complimented by cold piercing tears.
He smiles, picks up his little girls and puts them in the back seat. Before getting into the car, he kisses his queen for the last time, and mouths the words, “I love you”.
“I know.” She returns the kiss.
They ride to the fair. As a family. A happy family.
At the fair Mellisa and the kids go on the Ferris wheel, he looks at them and waves. After the first turn, the seat is empty. He closes his eyes and the sounds of the fair fade into silence.
“I don’t mean to hurt you with these visions.” Mellisa’s soothing voice chokes the crying man.
“Why did you take her? Why!”
“It was her time. When I did the same thing, I’m doing to you right now, to her, all I needed to show was how well you did in your career as well as in life. She has a beautiful smile. You’re the reason for it.”
“I know.” Sounds of people talking over phones and a frantic spree of humans enter his ear.
“When I was your age, people had to convey messages via post or people had to run around. It was still quieter then.” A familiar raspy voice.
“I know Ben. You’ve told me.” He opens his eyes and looks at the silver-haired, fox-eyed man sitting next to him.
“And I’ll tell you again!”
“I hope you do.”
“I will, I don’t plan to go anywhere until you become president!” Ben’s wrinkly hands adjust his tie and straightens his suit, the one Ben himself had gifted him.
“You won’t go anywhere until I become president, I assure you that.” He looked straight into his mentor’s eyes.
‘You’ll sleep well the night before, you’ll dream about me in the president’s office, but you won’t wake up to see it happen.’ A thought that rocked him to the core.
Never-the-less he walks towards the door holding his mentor’s hand. He opened the door…. To darkness.
“It’s time, son” a raspy voice mutters.
“We are waiting!” Tim, Colonel Sorne, Mellisa and Ben hold out their hand.
“I’m coming” he smiles.
“Now as I stand before you, I assure every citizen a great natio…”
The bang of a gunshot cuts the president’s address short.
There’s blood on the suit Ben had bought him.
The body hits the floor.

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