The Earth and We

According to my thought perspective, the mundane earth is comprised of several components – Its natural resource, created more than hundreds of trillion years ago, the living world including the human and the material versus spiritual world.
The natural world is still carrying the signature of its own entity along with beauty-essence-color-smell. Sea, mountain, jungle, sky, star, waterfall, what else is not there. Being present amidst natural abundance a perplexed or tangled mind can be healed greatly. For that people has to take care of the pristine earth. The Earth is providing us with everything since the auspicious moment of its birth. But people have become modern. They don’t feel the value of nature earth. Their future planning lies in the felling of the trees. Even weeds also contribute to maintaining the ecosystem. People create new things and sometimes put the waste into the river without proper waste treatment, leaving thousands of fish’s life in danger. How many of us are bothered about global warming, extinction of sparrows, melting of arctic ice, the wildfire in the amazon forest, wastage of water from the roadside tap, improper disposal of garbage, etc? The need for healthy planning to live with nature has been overlooked many a time. We forget, because of nature every creature is getting permission to breathe every moment. Nature rears up plants, that plants revert oxygen in the nature and to the whole living world. People inhale that oxygen but shamelessly destroy trees disregarding their contribution.
Coming to the human beings, we read everything in books, study great concepts but where do the learnings go when it comes to implementation? We learn to give equal respect to everyone irrespective of male-female-cast-creed-colour-religion. But we surround ourselves with many baseless rules in the name of scripture when it comes to practical life. Some people are smart enough not to take care of their old parents. Although, those who cannot behave properly, cannot make the relationship of brotherhood, make fun of underprivileged and distressed people, who cannot think a female foetus also has the equal right to be born at least and of course to lead her life in her own way – how can they think of forests, nature, wildlife conservation and all? Remnant part goes to the daily life of the majority of Indian people where women are taken to their husband’s home with full-time employment. Males feel uneasy working together hand in hand with their better half. They complete their duty by doing a salaried job outside of the home. However their female counterparts are also putting that much effort into their workplaces. Still somehow the work of the household belongs to the women of the home solely. The types of restrictions applicable to women do not need to be mentioned at all. Even women cannot support womens’ when needed. They find the mistake of women in any wrongdoings with them. Actually, everything remains scripted in books and in the word of mouth of wise persons. Some people don’t care about those words and some feel lack of courage to implement them in the real world. Problem lies in the methodology of bringing up a girl and a boy child.
The last part comes to the spiritualistic versus material earth. One righteous person told that there is no religion on empty stomach. We don’t feel the urge to feed every Indian but to create some plans for everything else each year. Poor people are provided money by the means of schemes but very less is enthusiastic enough to create employment for them. In the 21st century, someone is paying tax for buying a BMW and someone is still begging for food beside the car shop. When will India have footpaths with zero homeless people? Giving money to them will not solve the problem. We have to focus on people not to get homeless. We have to think in terms of education, food, moral values so that every educated man or woman can be the backbone of society. Whoever pious appeared till now advised us not to discriminate between people for religion. Because no religion disrespects other religions. Religion is something that holds us and enlightens us toward the well-being of mankind and communal harmony. But we have become able to be human by blood and flesh only could not become someone made of heart and mind too.
Whether we believe in the existence of the God or not at the end of the day we should take care of the whole earth including all of its components. We need development in every aspect but without doing single harm to nature because for that we only would have to pay in turn. The Solution to everything lies in being a person full of conscience. At least those who are in a position to do some betterment for society should dive into their work. People should have the willingness to help mankind by doing some work not only for earning money or holding a chair but also to make someone live better, feel better, breathe better. All of these belong to the lessons to be absorbed in mind and realized with heart not for just gargling.

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