The Full Moon

Luminous, decked in a halo of silver beam
The full moon night cast her glorious gleam
A magical glow embellished the city
The night was cool, fragrant and misty
The leaves cradled on their delicate brim
Unshed dew drops arching over the rim
Gossamer rays clothed the brick and mortar grind
As smiles oft conceal the designs of the mind
It was a beautiful shimmering night
A tiny sliver that travelled a fortnight
And grew itself from inky darkness to light
Like a distraught, dispirited heart
That seeking hope, goes in pursuit
The silver magic lit up the sky
A blanket of cool warmth that made me sigh
In wonder I gazed at the lantern of the night
Stars dancing bright with ecstatic delight
An exquisite rhapsody of darkness and light
The rhythm of the visual music, caresses my mind
With that enchanted firmament, I was so entwined

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