The Gig

Giving three loud knocks on the half-opened door, Joel couldn’t help himself but peep in.
“Mr. Kurt?” asked Joel. There was no sound coming from inside.
“Hello? Is anyone in here?”
Suddenly a head tilted from the other side of the door, leaving just the eyes to be visible to the boy. Joel lifted his hand and displayed a newspaper cutout to the person.
“I’m here for the gig, is this Mr. Kurt?”
The person snatched the piece of paper, glanced at it for a moment, and opened the door, revealing himself. A tall man wearing a red sweater and blue jeans along with a mask that he had on his face.
“Ah, yes. Please, come in. I’m Kurt, nice to meet you.”
“I’m sorry if i’m a bit too early, got dance class in a bit”
Joel began to take off his shoes when Mr. Kurt said in a fairly loud voice.
“That’s alright. You can keep them on by the way”
As soon as Joel entered, he looked around the house and had his mouth wide open. The house was impressively large. From french windows with long burgundy curtains to furniture that he was sure looked like maple wood, the house had everything a rich man solely would have.
“So this is what you do for a living?” asked Joel pointing out to the cutout in Mr. Kurt’s hand.
“I do what for a living?”
“Photography I assume?”
“Oh yeah, ofcourse. Hobby turned profession types.”
“So… should we begin?”
Mr. Kurt put on a slight smirk and replied “Do we see a reason not to?”
“Alright, so is this for a like, a service or a product? I’m here for the bucks, but I’d like to know more about what I’m going to be used for”
“Well, John, how about I go grab my camera real quick and then we find out, huh?” Kurt looked behind at the stairway that led to the bedrooms and shouted “Honey, can we get some tea for the gentleman? Honey?” There was no response from upstairs. “My wife, I tell you, not much of an early riser. Go get yourself some water if you’d like, it’s right there in the kitchen”
“Sure, Mr. Kurt. And this gentleman’s name is Joel, not John”
“Oh! How silly of me! We had a John come in last week so you see where the confusion comes in. I’ll go grab the cam”
Joel walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He turned towards the stove and saw a freshly baked cake kept right next to it. He approached the cake and sniffed it.
“Chocolate and vanilla, how bloody delicious!” he said to himself.
“Ahh, I notice someone has found their way to my wife’s special chocolate cake.”
“Oh no Mr. Kurt I was ju-”
“Please, help yourself. There’s a knife in the drawer below.”
Joel smiled and cut himself a tiny piece of cake. He gobbled it up and began walking towards the living room.
“Joel, if you don’t mind, we’ll shoot right here”
“Right here? Okay, you didn’t mention what the purpose of this shoot is for though”
Mr. Kurt looked down at the camera, smiled at it, looked up and said,
“You liked the cake?”
“Well, loved it”
“Then you have your answer”
Kurt was still caught up in all this confusion that was created in his head, but decided to go with the flow.
“What would you like me to do?”
“Well, to put in the simplest way, eat some more cake and show me how much you like it”
Joel picked up another piece, looked at Mr. Kurt and confirmed again,
“So I eat this and smile?”
“We could start with that, yeah sure”
Joel took a bit of the cake, swallowed it, looked straight at the camera and smiled. Showing the piece of cake to the camera as well.
“Umm, this works. But we could do better right?”
“I mean, sure. Should I be more excited or something?”
“I need a little more enjoyment, from the heart. Do me a favour, take a bite, close your eyes and feel every bit of flavor that oozes out from that slice of cake.”
Joel nodded his head and proceeded to do as asked.
“Did you get that Mr. Kurt?”
“Yeah I did”
“Okay, so is my job done here?”
“Just one more shot, I think this time take a bigger bite, take your time with it. Don’t open your eyes till I say. I need this to be as authentic as it can be”
“As you say Mr. Kurt”
Joel took a large piece and stuffed it in his mouth. He closed his eyes and began munching on it with utmost pleasure. After about a minute, he opened his eyes and found nobody standing in front of him.
“Mr. Kurt? Is this some kind of joke?”
All of a sudden someone held onto his shoulders from behind.
“Boo! Haha got you!”
“Mr. Kurt, seriously?”
“Sorry kiddo, I fool around sometimes. I got the shot.”
“Alright, I’ll take my bucks and make a move then.”
“Oh about that, do you mind stepping by tomorrow? I have absolutely no cash and I feel a bit sick to walk all the way to the bank”
Joel rolled his eyes and walked towards the door, “Whatever, I’ll be back tomorrow. Can you take off your mask for a second though? It’s weird to be working with somebody who’s face I haven’t seen”
“Sorry kiddo, got to take the virus seriously.” said Mr. Kurt as he waved him goodbye.
Joel walked home in disappointment.

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