The Heartbeat

You stay in a single room. You never needed a double bed because you never expected to wake up near anyone. Your toothbrush holder holds a single brush. You have never changed or updated your playlist. You hate watching movies about love. You book a dinner table at some fancy restaurant, but you sit by yourself with having no one to look back at you. No one to share the last bite of your meal. Your clothes smell typical, your perfume mixed with your own sweat. If your walls could tell your intimate stories, they’ll tell that you hate to touch yourself. (Yeah yeah laugh at me)
You buy two tickets for the movie but… yeah… you understand that now… right?!… you keep telling yourself that you’re not dating anyone because you always wanted it to be that way…
So if someone has this question, “what does loneliness/ emptiness sounds like?”
The answer is, “it sounds like my own heartbeat”

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