The Last Letter

Dear Mejor Amiga,

They said friends can never be family and that there is always a fine line between the two.
But I don’t know why, whenever something happened, I always looked up to you.
They said you would never come to lead my life,
Yet I always wished you were by my side.

Whenever aggression caught hold of me and I smashed everything,
I wished you would hand me a glass of water to gulp down the filthy thing.
When the world seemed frustrating and I locked myself up in the room,
I thought you would knock the door and make me come out and bloom.

When I cried in front of people and they saw me passively,
I wished you would come around, hug me tightly and make me spill the tears I wanted to shed so desperately.
When I didn’t eat for days and hunger made me pale and bleak,
I wished you would come with a plate of food and feed me my favorite delicacy.

And when I woke up all anxious at midnight,
With darkness and solitude forcing me to weep,
I really wished you would sit near me,
Put my head in your lap and sing me to sleep.

I wished you would come someday and
I could hug you with all my might
And when you’d put your hand on my head,
Maybe then I could tell you what all didn’t go right.

But that never happened and might never be,
Because now I am tired and just want to flee.
I might never see you coming or looking at my face,
Or holding my hand to give me strength or taking me in embrace.

For now I want to drift away from all the things I can’t bear,
And I don’t know if you’ll ever believe I had been fair.
For I want to leave this cage which gives me only bruises and scars.
And if ever you miss me and cry just look above at the stars.

I’ll smile from there and wave at you
With my teeth shining bright,
And shout from there that I still miss you
But things here are alright.

With all the love I had,
A friend who couldn’t survive

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