Something abodes past,
This hyperbole of black and white.
Something way more prudent to ponder,
Something visible only, through the weavings of
insight and foresight.

Might as well fly a kite,
Made of these weavings high.
Just enough to see beyond,
This mysterious spell called sky.

Not casting ourselves into the future,
Neither giving a chance to the past,
Just to explore the reality underlying this delusion
Where this hymn shall perfectly cast!
Here we go….

Date 14th November,
Scribbled in the crinkly yellow pages
Of the diary of Westrandler: the First,
Who was then known by the petty name Kiru,
Sitting in the old shackled chamber

Was neither a man of wisdom,
nor a foolish person;
Neither too strong nor weak,
Just brave enough to perform good and oppose bad deeds.

There sat a cauldron bubbling and churning with spirits
Probably which he had summoned
Half his body was left and half burnt
With the curse of the host fairy
Who invented this ritual.

Read as he,
From the book burdening his hands…
“Only the person with a true heart
Neither white or black
Dwelling in a body not varying a cat’s
Will be able to release the Spirits of Westrandler:
A land for those with sagacious hats.”

“Shall the curse break
And the chains crack
Holding back this world from peace
In the very cauldron ignited by the performers flesh.”

Had not his shrieks echoed over the wars prevailing,
One of the Foolish and Faults and Wisest men;
Second of those of the strongest and weak then…

All caught off guard protected their ears,
From the shrill cries that were impossible to bear
Neither could the curse hold back itself
The wall over the cauldron shriveled and shattered
The curse flew away, broken and battered
Then was a paramount outburst,
Of good and evil superpowers
Raging from the body of all living and dead on the Planet
Leaving all the imbalanced with equal powers

But as a result divided the
Unified land of Westrandler into
7 major parts.
Till date the Westrandlers thus travel
Using their divine carts.

So goes the Legend of Westrandler
The people who are above all
The supreme and first beings of the Planet Earth
Identified by their uniquely made swords,
Which are stabilized, neither too hot or cold,
Like a hearth.

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