The Lilies’ Jamboree

The breeze blew the waves
In the waters of the lake,
And blew the lilies without;
But the lilies danced more jocuntly
Than the waves could ever dream of.
Up on the slope of a pious hill,
They sit surveying the masses-
Regality borne, in languid detail,
Do they laugh down at the lake.
White speckled yellow, pink and orange;
Quite a beautiful sight beholden,
Lay there witness to all occurence:
One met another, presented a white flower,
The lily blossoms saw them embrace,
As they turned a fine fandango,
They pulled apart to a magenta-
Blossoms complementing cheeks,
And finally as they laid down,
Their passion turned the lily,
Its color virgin white again.
Under a starry sky,
The stars looked down below-
Saw a lake with their own face,
Yet were drawn to something more;
Self- absorbed though they were-
The lilies became their muse.

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